Market Your Magic

Your personal brand is how you “sell” yourself, opening new doors and attracting dream opportunities, both personally and professionally. But for your brand to serve you well, you have to build it with intention. You need to get clear on who you are, what you’re exceptional at and know the value of what you have to offer.

May 5, 2018
DCPL NE Branch
330 7th St NE
Washington, DC 20002​


Call for Speakers:

The bulk of this program consists of 2-hour workshops, held from 10am-12pm, the first Saturday of every month. We are in the process of scheduling workshops for 2018. If you would be interested in facilitating a workshop during one of these sessions, please complete the application to be a facilitator.Type your paragraph here.

THe Nia Network

(Formerly, The Women's Leadership CircLe)

Nia Means Purpose!

Nia means purpose in Swahili and purpose is the theme of this program.

This program is all about giving women the resources and information they need to live their lives on purpose!

Our aim is to empower women through an immersive exploration of self-awareness and transformative leadership. This program welcomes women from all walks of life who want to change the trajectory of their lives and careers.Type your paragraph here.

Speaker Proposal

Previous Workshops

We partner with female leaders from all walks of life to provide free workshops on a variety of wellness and professional development topics.

Mercedes Parra Foundation

Passion Planning 101

Living a life of passion and purpose requires the strategic use of time to ensure that you meet your goals and secure a peaceful, happy existence.

April 7, 2018
DCPL NE Branch
330 7th St NE
Washington, DC 20002